Sentence Examples

  • If you like you can get some grappa to offer your guests at the end of the night.
  • Nor were the numerous gallant attempts to capture the all-important ridge of Monte Tomba-Monfenera, which ran down from the Grappa massif to the Piave, more successful in breaking through the thin Italian lines.
  • 21, while he was still hammering against Monte Tomba with his left, and he gained ground to begin with, driving back the Italian outpost lines in the Grappa sector.
  • 22 the situation in the Grappa sector had been improved by the arrival in line of the XXVII.
  • Conrad and Krauss continued their attempts to break through on the mountain front, but Krauss confined his efforts to the positions west of Monte Grappa and the worrying Solarolo salient.

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