Sentence Examples

  • A study of the topo graphy of the Argive plain suggests the conclusion that Mycenae, ' Published in Journ.
  • The general graphy, principle Arms a and arrangement b, one at eachstation and d B, are connected to the line wire, and are made to rotate simultaneously over metallic segments, 3, 4, and I', 3', 4', at the two stations, so that when the arm a is on segment i at A, then b is on segment I' at B, and so on.
  • Precision on the surface and angular observations of the graphy positions of the heavenly bodies.
  • Permanent character, and the few shrines and domed graphy tombs which are scattered here and there about the empty desolation of the Pamir slopes are all of them of recent construction.
  • Stark of Vienna graphy.