Sentence Examples

  • The surface of the summit (the highest point is variously stated at 3549, 35 82 and 3850 ft.) is broken into small valleys and hills, and is covered with luxuriant vegetation, its flora including the superb orchid Disa grandiflora and the well-known silver tree.
  • Among these are species of Willughbeia and Leuconotis, from which much of the rubber exported from Borneo is derived; Parameria glandulifera, common in Siam and Borneo, and Urceola esculenta and Cryptostegia grandiflora, both common in Burma.
  • Grandiflora is a finer plant in every way.
  • Coreopsis grandiflora: hardy, 2 to 3 ft., bright yellow; the finest member of the genus.
  • Grandiflora and graeca are rather larger, but of a lighter hue.