Sentence Examples

  • Spatlum (Lewisia) - Remarkable and beautiful Rocky Mountain plants, allied to Portulaca, L. rediviva being very dwarf, 1 inch or so high, with a small tuft of narrow leaves, from the centre of which the flower-stalks arise.
  • It relaxes facial muscles with Portulaca while Hyaluronic Acid fills in the face's creases.
  • Portulaca splendens: half-hardy, 6 in., crimson, rose, yellow, white, &c., single and double; splendid prostrate plants for sunny rockwork.
  • Annuals that have been sown in the greenhouse or hotbed may be planted out, and seeds of such sorts as mignonette, sweet alyssum, Phlox Drummondii, portulaca, &c., may be sown in the beds or borders.
  • I have made a satisfactory dinner, satisfactory on several accounts, simply off a dish of purslane (Portulaca oleracea) which I gathered in my cornfield, boiled and salted.