Sentence Examples

  • In rare cases during the Middle Kingdom (inscriptions in the tomb of Ameni at Beth Hasan, graffiti in the quarries of Hanub) documents were dated in the years of reign of these feudatory nobles.
  • The script also recurs on walls in the shape of graffiti, and on vases, sometimes ink-written; and from the number of seals originally attached to perishable documents it is probable that parchment or some similar material was also used.
  • Ancient graffiti abound in all this district, and on Bigeh, a larger island adjoining Philae, there was a temple as early as the reign of Tethmosis III.
  • Graffiti of pilgrims to the shrine of Isis are dated as late as the end of the 5th century A.D.
  • Are mostly graffiti, scratched on the rocks by visitors or worshippers at the holy places; CIS.