Sentence Examples

  • Such were various procuratorships; 'the prefectures of the corn supply, of the fleet, of the watch, of the praetorian guards; the governorships of recently acquired provinces (Egypt, Noricum), the others being reserved for senators.
  • - nfäscus Ng, a -?; reat Scale, I:13,000,000 Railways Principal Capitals (States and larger Provinces) Capitals of smaller Provinces Governorships, Districts Sic aana Beds (Harra,) Deserts......
  • In his appointments to governorships and other offices, as well as in his distribution of spoil, Othman showed a marked preference for the members of his own tribe the Koreish (Quraish) and the members of his own family the Bani Omayya (Umayya).
  • He was invited to approve the candidates proposed for state governorships; in all law cases affecting the Government or political matters the judges asked his opinion; he drafted bills, and discussed their text with individual members and committees of congress.
  • For purposes of local government the chief towns constitute governorships (moafzas), the rest of the country being divided into mudirias or provinces.