Sentence Examples

  • Of these last the chief dialects are Gondi, Oraon or Kurukh, Kandhi and Kanarese, of which Gondi is by far the most important.
  • The chief languages of Berar are Marathi, Urdu, Gondi, Banjari, Hindi, Marwari, Telugu, Korku and Gujarati.
  • JEAN FRANCOIS PAUL DE GONDI RETZ, CARDINAL DE (1614-1679), French churchman and agitator, was born at Montmirail in 1614.
  • Chantelauze, who had already published studies on the connexion of St Vincent de Paul with the Gondi family, &c. (1882).
  • In 1581 it was erected into a duchy in the peerage of France (duche-pairie) for Albert de Gondi, marshal of France and general of the galleys.

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