Sentence Examples

  • Fernan Gomez followed in 1469, and opened trade with the Gold Coast; and in 1484 Diogo Cao discovered the mouth of the Congo.
  • The leading chiefs of the Ten Years' War took the field again - Maximo Gomez, Antonio Maceo, Jose Marti, Calixto Garcia and others.
  • Gomez de laMaza, Flora Habanera (Havana, 1897); S.
  • Juan Vincenti Gomez, the vicepresident, now placed himself at the head of affairs and formed an administration.
  • New York Bay and the Hudson river were discovered by Giovanni da Verrazano in 1524, and were probably seen by Estevan Gomez in 1525; for many years following French vessels occasionally ascended the Hudson to trade with the Indians.