Sentence Examples

  • As civil courts they judge in first instance all questions connected with glebes and the erection and repair of churches and manses.
  • The benefices are almost without exception provided with good residences and glebes, and the tithes, &c., generally afford a comfortable income.
  • The parliamentary return of 1888 showed the value of the teinds of 876 parishes to be £375,678 and the stipends paid to amount (exclusive of manses and glebes) to £242,330.
  • The entire endowments of the church, including manses and glebes but not church buildings, is about £3 0,000.
  • The glebes and hospital lands were a fresh power in the hands of the crown, and the subservient Lutheran clergy became the most powerful class in the island, while the system of under-leasing at rackrent and short lease with unsecured tenant right extended over at least a quarter of the better land.

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