Sentence Examples

  • Rowland, desired to create a doll that focused on girlhood and made history interesting and fun to learn.
  • It was also the birthplace and early home of Lucy Larcom (1826-1893), and the scene of much of her Story of a New England Girlhood (Boston, 188q).
  • 1898); Jane Stoddart, Girlhood of Mary Queen of Scots.
  • An Idyl of Work (1875) describes the life of the mills and A New England Girlhood (1889) is autobiographical; she wrote many stories and poems, of which Hannah Binding Shoes is best known.
  • Her girlhood was passed at Ismailovo near Moscow, with her mother, an ignorant, bigoted tsaritsa of the old school, who neglected and even hated her daughters.