Sentence Examples

  • Incorporating girlish designs in women's clothes was nothing new, but it was only in this form of sleepwear that girlishness could be combined with womanliness in a way that was infinitely sexy.
  • This simplicity with a touch of girlish glee makes Rachel Weissman designs very popular for young girls, from infants to toddlers to older girls interested in simple but beautiful hair clips.
  • The part would require her to age throughout the film from 16 to 36, and Beyoncé was already 25 years old by the time the movie was released; she had definitely lost her "girlish figure."
  • They were simply called short nightgowns or nighties until the 1956 film Baby Doll, where the child-like title character sported a very girlish one and they became hugely popular.
  • Yes, the bikini top is done in a daringly bold animal print, plunges down to there, and then suggestively ties in the front with just a fluff of string, but the bottom of this bikini is downright girlish!