Sentence Examples

  • The smaller.specimens are quite plain, but the larger ones are gilt and generally of a highly ornamental character.
  • - Dalmatic Of White Sa i i L:Al B.Uidered \ IT1 t Coloured Silks And Sill i _R-Gilt And Silver Thread.
  • Then take two suspended gilt pith balls and touch them (a) both against one tray; they will be found to repel each other; (b) touch one against one tray and the other against the other tray, and they will be found to attract each other.
  • The tomb was opened in 1 774, and on the king's head was found an imitation crown of tin or latten gilt, with trefoils rising from its upper edge.
  • In height, built in the form of a cone, with a small cupola, on the top of which is a gilt ball and spire, and contains the shrine of Badrinath, dedicated to an incarnation of Vishnu.