Sentence Examples

  • Ch is always to be sounded as in church, g is always hard; y always represents a consonant; whilst kh and gh stand for gutturals.
  • If ai, bx, cx be different forms we obtain, after development of the squared determinant and conversion to the real form (employing single and double dashes to distinguish the real coefficients of bx and cz), a(b'c"+b"c'-2 f'f") +b(c'a"+c"a'-2g'g") +c(a' +a"b'-2h'h")+2f(g'h"+g"h'-a' + 2g (h ' f"+h"f'-b'g"-b"g')+2h(f'g"+f"g'-c'h"-c"h'); a simultaneous invariant of the three forms, and now suppressing the dashes we obtain 6 (abc+2fgh -af t - bg 2 -ch2), the expression in brackets being the S well-known invariant of az, the vanishing of which expresses the condition that the form may break up into two linear factors, or, geometrically, that the conic may represent two right lines.
  • -gh(uo+3ui+3u2+ 2 143+3 14 4+...
  • Assoc. Report, 1845), tho gh 781.5 was obtained by subsequent repetitions of the experiment.
  • The wires are so ad justed by bending that B, at the moment when it is opposite A, com municates with the ball D, and A communicates with C through GH; and half a revolution later C, when B comes opposite to it, communicates with the ball D through the contact of K with F.