Sentence Examples

  • GEORGE PHRANTZA [GEORGIOS PHRANTZES] (1401 - c. 1477), the last Byzantine historian, was born in Constantinople.
  • In the centre of the plain extends from north-east to south-west a series of low heights, now known as Turcovuni, culminating towards the south in the sharply pointed Lycabettus (1112 ft.), now called Hagios Georgios from the monastery which crowns its summit.
  • His fellow-guardian Georgios Mouzalon was immediately murdered by Michael Palaeologus, who assumed the position of tutor.
  • GEORGE CODINUS [GEoRGIos KonINos], the reputed author of three extant works in Byzantine literature.
  • Modern criticism, while rejecting this identification, is not unwilling to accept the main fact that an officer named Georgios, of high rank in the army, suffered martyrdom probably under Diocletian.