Sentence Examples

  • In war the latter would probably remain at the ministry of war in Paris, and the generalissimo would have his own chief of staff.
  • He often commanded an army in person, and was then given the title of serdari-ekrem (generalissimo); one of the subordinate viziers remained behind as kaimmakam, or locum tenens.
  • Gdrgei was immediately appointed his successor, and the new generalissimo led the Honveds from victory to victory.
  • Louis agreed to restore most of the fortresses he had captured and to make other concessions; a treaty was signed in 1696, and Victor appointed generalissimo of the Franco-Piedmontese forces in Italy operating against the imperialists.
  • The failure in the history of the Gur Khan to meet all points in the story of the bishop of Gabala led Professor Bruun of Odessa to bring forward another candidate for identity with the original Prester John, in the person of the Georgian prince John Orbelian, the "sbasalar," or generalissimo under several kings of Georgia in that age.