Sentence Examples

  • 870), one of Tabari's teachers, a learned historian and genealogist much consulted by later writers, there is a fragment in the KOpriilii library at Constantinople, and another in Göttingen, part of which has been made known by Wiistenfeld (Die Familie Al-Zobair, Göttingen, 1878).
  • ANSELME (Father Anselme of the Virgin Mary) (1625-1694), French genealogist, was born in Paris in 1625.
  • But the Shiites were dissatisfied and 1 A single genealogist, Abu Yagazan, says that he was a legitimate son of Abu Sofian, and that his mother was Asma, daughter of A`war.
  • To the topographer, as to the genealogist, its evidence is of primary importance; for it not only contains the earliest survey of a township or manor, but affords in the majority of cases the clue to its subsequent descent.
  • The author must have been of the east, a good lawyer and genealogist, and have composed it about 1250, to judge from internal evidence.