Sentence Examples

  • Gafol, which survives in "gavel," in gavelkind, and in the name of the office mentioned above.
  • The old Welsh land tenure by gavelkind was, however, still permitted to remain in force amongst the natives of all Wales, whilst it was henceforth arranged to administer justice in the eight counties by special royal judges, and in the Marches by the officers appointed by the various lords-marchers according to the terms of their tenure.
  • At the same time all ancient Welsh laws and customs, which were at variance with the recognized law of England, were now declared illegal, and Cymric land tenure by gavelkind, which had been respected by Edward I., was expressly abolished and its place taken by the ordinary practice of primogeniture.
  • The portions of the tribe-land were not occupied for a fixed term, as the land of the sept was liable to gavelkind or redistribution from time to time.
  • Two legal decisions swept away the customs of tanistry and of Irish gavelkind, and the English land system was violently [From Anglo-Norman Invasion] substituted.

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