Sentence Examples

  • Making chocolate candy recipes can sometimes require specialized equipment such as molds and scrapers but it can also be as simple as just using a fork to dip a ball of ganache or filling into your melted chocolate.
  • The basic recipe to make ganache is always the same, however, you can utilize it to frost cakes and cupcakes, fill pastries, dip cream puffs and eclairs, and even create chocolate truffles and chocolate sauce.
  • Warm up ganache and spread it on the sides and top of a cake with a flat spatula to make it look smooth, but some people prefer to just pour liquid ganache over the entire cake and then let it firm.
  • In this triple chocolate cake recipe, the different types of chocolate ganache are created to fill the cake batter, create a glaze, a chocolate ganache filling and whipped frosting.
  • Pipe chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache in decorative borders around each tier of your cake, or imprint a stenciled design onto a cake that's covered with chocolate fondant.