Sentence Examples

  • Precepts such as these could hardly fail to effect some modification of the reckless zeal of the Galileans in the pupils of the synagogue.
  • Finally, the Samaritans attacked certain Galileans who were (as the custom was) travelling through Samaria to Jerusalem for the passover.
  • So the Galileans with some of the lower classes of " the Jews " allied themselves with a " robber " and burned some of the Samaritan villages.
  • His obvious desire to preserve law and order excited the hostility of John of Giscala, who endeavoured vainly to remove him as a traitor to the national cause by inciting the Galileans to kill him and by persuading the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem to recall him.
  • 3, 2); or when he " mingled the blood " of some unknown Galileans " with their sacrifices " (Luke xiii.

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