Sentence Examples

  • Through Latinized forms it appears in gabelle.
  • The same year he published a pamphlet against feudal aids and the gabelle, for which he was denounced and arrested, but provisionally released.
  • In 1548 he was at Bordeaux during one of the frequent riots caused by the gabelle, or salt-tax.
  • The elus and the superintendents, instead of being delegates of the states, became royal functionaries like the baillis and the provosts; imposts, hearth-money (fouage), salt-tax (gabelle), sale-dues (droits de vente), voted for the war, were levied during the whole of Charles V.s reign and added to his personal revenue.
  • He kept to the old system of revenues from the demesne and from imposts that were reactionary in their effect, such as the taille, aids, salt-tax (gabelle) and customs; only he managed them better.

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