Sentence Examples

  • During the ensuing interregnum he powerfully contributed, at the head of the nobles of Funen and Jutland, to the election of Christian III.
  • (1340), who for nine years had held Jutland and Funen and dominated the rest of Denmark, first opened Valdemar's way to the throne, and on midsummer day 1340 he was elected king at a Landsting held at Viborg, after consenting to espouse Helveg, the sister of his most important confederate, Valdemar, duke of Schleswig.
  • On the other hand, he proved more than a match for his domestic rebels, especially after his great victory at Brobjaerg in Funen (1357).
  • ADAM WILHELM MOLTKE, Count (1785-1864), Danish statesman, son of the minister Joachim Godske Moltke (1746-1818), and grandson of Adam Goctlob Moltke, was born at Einsiedelsborg in Funen, on the 25th of August 1785.

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