Sentence Examples

  • It is fundamentally necessary, in order to avoid such floundering, that the "knowledge" of things sensible should be kept distinct from the "knowledge" of things spiritual; yet in practice they are constantly confused.
  • This fact, by itself, would go far to prove that the civilization continued fundamentally and essentially the same throughout.
  • Erigena argues the question entirely on speculative grounds, and starts with the bold affirmation that philosophy and religion are fundamentally one and the same- "Conficitur inde veram esse philosophiam veram religionem, conversimque veram religionem esse veram philosophiam."
  • Miss Keller's education, however, is so fundamentally a question of language teaching that it rather includes the problems of the deaf than limits itself to the deaf alone.
  • Newcomb, was used from 1882 to 'goo; and since then the value 8.80" has been employed, having been adopted at a Paris conference in 1896.1 Five fundamentally different methods of determining the distance of the sun have been worked out and applied.