Sentence Examples

  • Well-known for catering to the full-figured market niche, Lane Bryant has even offered such unusual designs as a kimono-sleeved poncho with a gathered waist to bring a bit of tummy tucking style to an otherwise loosely fitted garment.
  • The beauty of wearing clothing constructed of stretchy textiles, particularly for full-figured women, is that it moves with the body and caresses every curve to create a sensual, sexy look without clinging to unsightly bulges.
  • For the full-figured lady who likes her lingerie to be just as beautiful as it is functional, there are retailers who specialize in the plus size market, so you really have no shortage of places to shop for pretty intimate apparel.
  • Years ago, full-figured gals had very few choices in workout attire including frumpy, elastic-waist sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts or men's "jogging suits" -- nylon sweatpants with a matching zip-up jacket.
  • While many retailers have since stopped the practice of padding slim models and now use plus size women to model the garments, there is still not enough widespread acceptance of full-figured women in the fashion business.