Sentence Examples

  • On the addition of Formosa to her dominions, Fuji ceased to be Japan's highest mountain, and took the third place on the list.
  • On the south Fuji slopes unbroken to the sea, but on the other three sides the plain from which it rises is surrounded by mountains, among which, on the north and west, a series of most picturesque lakes has been formed in consequence of the rivers having been dammed by ashes ejected from Fujis crater.
  • The ascent of Fuji presents no difficulties.
  • High, which was active as late as 1861; Ganju-san Mountains (6791 ft.), called also Nambu-Fuji or Iwate-zan, of the North.
  • Remarkable for the beauty of its logarithmic curves; Iwaki-san (5230 ft.), known as Tsugaru-Fuji, and said by some to be even more imposing than Fuji itself; and the twin mountains Gassan (6447 ft.) and Haguro-san (5600 ft.).