Sentence Examples

  • Among these may be noticed thin strips of willow and cane and the fronds of numerous palms. "Brazilian" hats made from the fronds of the palmetto palms, Sabal palmetto and S.
  • The blanched fronds are also sold in large quantities for the processions of Palm Sunday, and after they have received the blessing of the priest they are regarded throughout Spain as certain defences against lightning.
  • 2), in which the fronds fall off FIG.
  • If during this process part of the fronds run together, the beauty of the specimen may be restored by dipping the edge into water, so as to float out the part and allow it to subside naturally on the paper.
  • It is represented in Britain by four species of Lemna, and a still smaller and simpler plant, Wolfa, in which the fronds are only one-twentieth of an inch long and have no roots.