Sentence Examples

  • Group of spore-cases (sorus) on back of leaf (X 4).
  • Among the simplest cases are the sheet-like aggregates of sporogenous hyphae in Puccinia, Uromyces, &c., or of basidia in Exobasidium, Corticium, &c., or of asci in Exoascus, Ascocorticium, &c. In the former, where the layer is small, it is often termed a sorus, but where, as in the latter, the sporogenous layer is extensive, and spread out more or less sheet-like on the supporting tissues, it is more frequently termed a hymenium.
  • P. Dictyota dichotoma, a sorus of oogonia.
  • Dictyota dichotoma, part of a sorus of antheridia.
  • (All except d represent vertical sections of sporangiophore or sorus.) canal the spermatozoid, which in the Ferns has been shown to be attracted by reason of its positive irritability to malic acid, passes and fuses with the ovum.

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