Sentence Examples

  • The knickers worn by can-can dancers were trimmed with many layers of lace, but for most women, a little bit of frill around each leg was all that was necessary to enhance the femininity.
  • Pleated Frill Leather Small Sling Bag: This is a lovely small handbag that's genius is easily shown in its design, as the leather fabric of the handbag appears ruffled, or "frilled".
  • The plant is of tufted habit, the flowers reminding one of those of a Soldanella, but large, with cut edges to the segments, like a frill, and pure white, passing to rose as they get older.
  • The white frill is said to be the rarest, and birds exhibiting it have white necks even in winter.
  • Bartlett, that every ruff assumes tufts and frill exactly the same in colour and markings as those he wore in the preceding season; and thus, polymorphic as is the male as a species, as an individual he is unchangeable.