Sentence Examples

  • If you take the time to pre-measure the bags out into half or full pound bags, you can then just grab the ham you need from the freezer without having to try to cut and weigh it all out when the ham is one big frozen block of ham ice.
  • It may also mean stocking their freezer with ready-to-heat meals for when they finally get to come home, cleaning their house, washing their clothes, cutting their grass, and looking after any other children they may have at home.
  • Try to get in the habit of keeping your freezer stocked with an extra casserole or a prepackaged skillet dinner purchased on sale so you're not tempted to call the pizza delivery guy when things get hectic at your house.
  • On August 16th, a story first surfaced on local news stations that two Georgia men, Matthew Gary Whitton and Chuck Dyer, claimed that they had captured a corpse of Bigfoot and had it stored in a freezer in Georgia.
  • We used magic on their minds and the freezer for their bodies.