Sentence Examples

  • However, there are free "homebrew" games you can download and these are typically released under Creative Common licenses, as freeware or as open source; the emulators you find for the N64--as well as other consoles--are open source.
  • For the latter, there is a unofficial freeware version called Kevtris that is particularly well designed.Owners of many Apple iPod portable music players can also enjoy Tetris on their mobile entertainment device.
  • If you can't decide which software to use based on the descriptions and reviews of these programs, the beauty of freeware is you can download the program, see if it works for you and delete it if it doesn't.
  • Additionally, you may want to view this site as a supplemental option to both Free Printable Fun and Freeware Esoterica since Keep and Share doesn't offer as many options as these other sites.
  • At Free Download Manager, you can find a few freeware and shareware programs that help with pronunciation and sound recognition through animated comic books, songs, and 3D pictures.