Sentence Examples

  • With all the money you save by using freebies, consider donating to the cause providing the freebie, adding something extra to the collection plate, or passing on the freebie to someone else who can use it when you've finished.
  • Having a 90-day fraud alert on your file entitles you to obtain one additional credit report for free from each of the three bureaus, which is above and beyond the one freebie per year that many states already require by law.
  • Digital scrapbookers or those interested in creating hybrid scrapbook layouts may also want to check out the free papers and embellishments in the Winter Magic Kit by Monica or the Winter Kit Mini Freebie by Silvia.
  • If you're looking for a specific type of freebie or information on freebies for a specific sect of Christianity, consult your church for suitable resources, or search online using your faith as a search term.
  • Before you head out to round up your tax day deals and freebies, make sure you know what companies are offering and what is required to receive the freebie so there are no surprises this coming tax day.

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