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  • Pop. (1905), 31,813, of whom more than a fourth reside in the Knieper, Tribseeser, Franken and other suburbs on the mainland.
  • Waitz, Das alte Recht der salischen Franken (1846), text of the first version; J.
  • For further information see the dissertations prefixed to the editions of Pardessus, Waitz and Hessels; Jungbohn Clement, Forschungen fiber das Recht der salischen Franken (Berlin, 1876); R.
  • "ALBERT HAUCK (1845-), German theologian, was born at Hassertriidingen, M.-Franken, Dec. 9 1845, and was educated at the gymnasium at Ansbach and later (1864-8) at the universities of Erlangen and Berlin.
  • (Berlin, 1837, 3rd ed., 1885); fiber das Leben and die Lehre des Ulfila (Hanover, 1840); Das alte Recht der salischen Franken (Kiel, 1846); and Deutsche Kaiser von Karl dem Grossen bis Maximilian (Berlin, 1872).

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