Sentence Examples

  • One of the easiest and most fun variations in the foxtrot is the promenade, where the dancers face each other and move their feet sideways (still in the same rhythm) with a sort of grapevine step in order to move in the same direction.
  • There are really two histories of what is called two step dance, because the name jumped from one type of dance that is no longer done to another (the Texas Two Step or Collegiate Foxtrot) that is done.
  • Most of the foxtrot is danced in "closed" frame, with the lead's left hand holding the follow's right, and the lead's right hand wrapped around the follow's back and resting on the scapula.
  • Unfortunately, changing the dance also made it less attractive to many and it began to decline in popularity worldwide as dances such as the foxtrot and the samba came to the forefront.
  • The footwork for the foxtrot is a bit tricky - in fact, people who are learning the "basic" step will look at experienced dancers and wonder if they are actually dancing the same dance.