Sentence Examples

  • She then succeeded Heiu, the foundress, as abbess of Hartlepool, where she remained several years.
  • The foundress of the nest lays eggs and at first feeds and rears the larvae, the earliest of which develop into workers.
  • The foundress-queen is now waited on by the workers, who supply her with food and spare her all cares of work, so that henceforth she may devote her whole energies to egg-laying.
  • St Gregory describes St Benedict's sister Scholastica as a nun (sanctimonialis), and she is looked upon as the foundress of Benedictine nuns.
  • MARGARET RICHMOND AND DERBY, COUNTESS OF (1443-1509), mother of the English king, Henry VII., and foundress of St John's and Christ's colleges at Cambridge, was the daughter and heiress of John Beaufort, duke of Somerset, and was born on the 31st of May 1443.