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  • He called into existence a formidably large number of officers to govern it, but his charter was in conflict with the other (mutually conflicting) grants of the Council for New England, east of the Piscataqua; and Gorges and his agents met with a determined opposition under the leadership of George Cleeve, the deputy-president of the Lygonia, or " Plough " Patent, which extended along the coast from 1 By this charter, issued in 1578, Sir Humphrey Gilbert was entitled to all territory lying within two hundred leagues of any colony that he might plant within six years; although it had long since lapsed, Raleigh Gilbert seems not to have been aware of it.
  • During five months, while affecting to be the representative of a reign of justice and Robes- virtue, he labored at strengthening his politicopierres religious dictatorshipalready so formidably armed dictator- with new powers.

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