Sentence Examples

  • But you forgave your mother, didn't you?
  • On the 25th of December 1289 he issued a manifesto to the lesser gentry, a large portion of whom sided with him, urging them to continue the struggle against the magnates and their foreign supporters; but on the 10th of July 1290 he was murdered in his camp at Korosszeg by the Kumanians, who never forgave him for deserting them.
  • She said she forgave her father, and she was trying to.
  • Although the pope forgave him, the German princes, resolved not to miss the chance which-fortune had given them, met in March 1077, and deposed him, electing Rudolph, duke of Swabia, as his successor.
  • Anne lost no time in repudiating this constitution, and never forgave its authors.