Sentence Examples

  • The medical profession is divided on the issue of screening; some physicians believe that the screening should be focused in areas of common occurrence or within high-risk populations such as foreign-born children.
  • For more information on becoming an expatriate, or foreign-born resident, of Nigeria, visit Nigeria Business Info or contact the Nigerian embassy in your home country.
  • Some countries have chosen to target rubella vaccination to females only and outbreaks in foreign-born males have occurred on cruise ships and at U.S. summer camps.
  • U.S. children living in rural areas and many foreign-born children were less likely to be immune.
  • Since that date those who may vote have been all male citizens twenty-one years old and upward who have lived in Indiana six months immediately preceding the election, and every foreign-born male of the requisite age who has lived in the United States one year and in Indiana six months immediately preceding the election, and who has declared his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States; but the General Assembly has the power to deprive of the suffrage any person convicted of an infamous crime.