Sentence Examples

  • In addition, Amazon offers Jefferies footless tights for girls and several different patterns of footless tights for babies from BabyLegs (sizes six months to four years) that feature hearts, stripes, and other fun patterns.
  • Pairing a lacy Easter dress with footless tights can work, but most often it will not because the shoes selected to go with the dress don't lend themselves to footless tights (think patent leather Mary Janes).
  • Full-length body stockings with feet are excellent to wear when it's chilly, and you can try layering one body stocking with feet over a footless one for a rather creative look.
  • Best keep her eyes on the trail for any more footless friends.
  • The footless larvae are elongate, worm-like and very active; they feed upon almost any kind of waste animal matter, and when full-grown form a silken cocoon.