Sentence Examples

  • The tropical zone comprises the coast and the foothills, and ranges, in its mean annual temperature, from 72° F.
  • In the extreme north-west is the so-called Solway Plain, of no great extent, but clearly defined between the northern foothills of the Lake District and the shore of Solway Firth.
  • The second zone extends over the foothills and lower ridges of the Carpathians.
  • To the north and west the country is comparatively level, the central plain of Ireland here reaching to the coast, but to the south the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains practically touch the confines of Greater Dublin, affording comprehensive views of the physical position of the city, and forming a background to some of the finest streets.
  • It is situated in the "Blue Grass Region," near the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains.