Sentence Examples

  • 1743 Mark Catesby brought out in London his Natural History of Carolina - two large folios containing highly coloured plates of the birds of that colony, Florida and the Bahamas.'
  • After nearly thirty years of lecturing on the history of the Church at the Vallicella and being trained by St Philip as a great man for a great work, he began to write, and produced twelve folios (1588-1607).
  • The proposals for the Polyglot appeared in 1652, and the book itself came out in six great folios in 1657, having been printing for five years.
  • See the separate articles on the states, and also the following references: - Topographic maps and Geologic Folios of the United States Geological Survey; Bailey Willis, "The Northern Appalachians," and C. W.
  • Albert's works (published in twenty-one folios by the Dominican Pierre Jammy in 1651, and reproduced by the Abbe Borgnet, Paris, 1890, 36 vols.) sufficiently attest his great activity.