Sentence Examples

  • Certain banks make a special business of lending money to owners iif land or buildings (credito fo,zdiario).
  • - End view of skull of a Chicken fo three weeks old, X 8 diameters.
  • Fo, Fontanella.
  • According to Gerhardt, the process of substitution consisted of the union of two residues to fo- m a unitary whole; these residues, previously termed " compound radicals," are atomic complexes which remain over from the interaction of two compounds.
  • The intensity I 2, the quantity with which we are principally concerned, may thus (be expressed I 2 = 3 fcos27rv 2 .dv} 2 2 t 2 These integrals, taken from v =o, are (known as Fresnel's integrals; we will denote them by C and S, so that C = fo cos 27rv 2 .dv, S = fjsinv 2 .dv.