Sentence Examples

  • As a fist example, suppose we have a flywheel free to rotate about a horizontal axis, and that a weight m hangs by a vertical string ~1~c~g FIG.
  • In.; the governor is carried within the driving pulley shown at the right-hand end, while the working revolving cylinders are carried inside the boxed-in flywheel at the left-hand end, the relay cylinder and its attachments being fixed to the bed-plate in front of the flywheel.
  • Thus in the gyroscope the flywheel (represented by the globe in fig.
  • Suppose, for example, that a flywheel is rotating with angular velocity n about its axis, which is (say) horizontal, and that this axis is made to rotate with the angular velocity ~ in the horizontal plane.
  • The components of angular momentum about the axis of the flywheel and about the vertical will be Cn and A ~ respectively, where A is the moment of inertia about any axis through the masscentre (or through the fixed point 0) perpendicular to that of symmetry.