Sentence Examples

  • In the Mississippi valley water is taken from the river by flumes in the levees or by siphons.
  • This decrease was largely caused by the practical suspension for many years of the hydraulic mining operations, in preparation for which millions of dollars had been expended in deep tunnels, flumes, &c., and the active continuance of which might have been expected to yield some £2,000,000 of gold annually.
  • The whole White Mountain region abounds in deep narrow valleys, romantic glens, ravines, flumes, waterfalls, brooks and lakes.
  • These were " flumed," - that is, the water was diverted by wooden flumes from the natural channel and the sand and gravel in the bed were washed.
  • In the north vast quantities of timber are floated down the great rivers, and the lesser streams are used as floating-ways by the provision of flumes and dams. The millowners either own forests, or lease the right of cutting, or buy the timber when cut, in the Crown or private forests.

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