Sentence Examples

  • - Spikelet of Wild Oat, sativa, with two fertile florets, A.
  • The type form is the Caucasian species roseum of botanists, hardy perennial, with finely cut leaves and large flower heads, having a ray of deep rosecoloured ligulate florets surrounding the yellow centre or disk.
  • Purpureus, i z ft., with pink flower-heads, having narrow twisted ray-florets; E.
  • Drummondii, 2 to 3 ft., with the ray-florets reflexed, yellow at the tip and purplishbrown towards the base; R.
  • Speciosa, I to 2 ft., is a showy composite, of easy culture in good garden soil; it produces large corymbs of flowerheads, with numerous narrow blue ray-florets surrounding the yellow disk.