Sentence Examples

  • Many inexpensive dresses are available, and whether they are flaunting their hips, breasts, or legs, it is one night they have creative license to have self confidence in their bodies and show off what parts they like best.
  • Bobs are back in a big way: just pick up any fashion magazine and you'll see runway models flaunting a short tapered style, with or without chopped bangs which add even more drama to this extreme blunt cut.
  • People often make mistakes such as all-caps or using many different fonts, thinking it will draw attention, but in reality flaunting the rules of typographic design just makes things harder to read.
  • When choosing a non-diamond engagement ring, however, it is important to reflect on why a different stone is more desirable in order to avoid regret about flaunting traditional diamond rings.
  • Villagers scatter when this roaring red dragon flaps its orange wings as it stomps forward, flaunting the wild fur on the top of its head and using his fuzzy body to bully its intended prey.