Sentence Examples

  • Use a flat surface, such as a scraper, wide flathead screwdriver, butter knife, or other tool to gently flake away the rust.
  • The principal rivers west of the Main Divide of the Rockies are the Clark Fork of the Columbia and its principal tributary, the Flathead, which rises in British Columbia.
  • There is, however, only one large lake in the state - Flathead (or Selish) Lake, which may be regarded as an enlargement of Flathead river; it is 27 m.
  • The climate is generally dry, although less so on the mountains and in the Flathead river basin than on the Great Plains, and is subject to sudden changes and to great extremes of temperature; but the temperature varies more than the amount of precipitation.
  • The rainfall is sufficient for good grazing, but except in the Flathead valley cultivation was long considered to be dependent on irrigation; and consequently farming was only incidental to stock raising and mining until after 1870, and as late as 1900 the ratio of improved farm land to the total land area was less than in any other state or territory except New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and Hawaii.