Sentence Examples

  • For example, the Fall/Winter 2008 collection is heavily influenced by the flapper look of the roaring 1920s, while the Spring/Summer 2006 Collection is more Three's Company meets the water.
  • This was important because during the 1920's, large numbers of women abandoned the confining corsets; thus was born the flapper, who scandalized the previously staid fashion scene with her short skirts, bobbed hair and decadent lifestyle.
  • Again, the changes were not drastic in and of themselves - they certainly could not compare with the outlandish flapper dresses that women sported - but they were certainly easy to distinguish from previous years' styles.
  • In vintage we have full- and half-slips, flapper bras, deadstock panties, garters, girdles, bras, vintage deadstock hosiery, cami-knickers, nightgowns, peignoir, dressing gowns and accessories.
  • The difference might be in evening headgear, when a flapper would accessorize her very, very short hair with a spangly headband or exotic feathers - something very attention-getting.