Sentence Examples

  • She contemplated an alliance with Spain, a state quite outside the orbit of Sweden's influence, the firstfruits of which were to have been an invasion of Portugal.
  • The author of the Ocbar) even compares them to the High Priests of the Old Testament, and considers them entitled to the firstfruits of the Levitical law.
  • 26) speak of bringing the firstfruits of the land to the house of Yahweh.
  • Such a tithe is still nothing more than the old offering of "firstfruits" (bikkurim) made definite as regards quantity, and it was only natural that as time went on there should be some fixed standard of the due amount of the annual sacred tribute.'
  • 3 In Deuteronomy, accordingly, the firstfruits (bikkurim) are not mentioned; the tithe takes their place.

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