Sentence Examples

  • SeaMonkey. Made by the same people who provides Internet users with Firefox, SeaMonkey gives you the editor as well as a browser, an email program and an FTP client so you can easily upload your web pages all within the same program.
  • Unlike the Yahoo! version that runs within your main Internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), when you choose to play the free web-based Text Twist on Shockwave, the site opens up a new window.
  • TwittyTunes is a very fun Twitter plugin for IE and Firefox that automatically (or manually) posts the tunes that you're listening to over to your various status fields in Facebook, Twitter and other similar apps.
  • In this way, users had to use Safari to surf the web, not able to try Opera, Firefox (Fennec), Skyfire, or any number of other options that are made available on platforms like Google Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Microsoft also recommended that Mac users switch from Internet Explorer for the Mac to other web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari, ignoring rival Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser technologies.