Sentence Examples

  • Unlike the Yahoo! version that runs within your main Internet browser window (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), when you choose to play the free web-based Text Twist on Shockwave, the site opens up a new window.
  • Microsoft also recommended that Mac users switch from Internet Explorer for the Mac to other web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari, ignoring rival Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser technologies.
  • This using a similar WYSIWYG editor to Mozilla Firefox, the popular web browser, meaning that if you are familiar with that you will find it relatively easy to pick up Kompozer.
  • The Mozilla Community developers have created more than 6,000 small downloadable software applications called extensions, that increase functionality for users.
  • While there are several browsers from which to choose, for web page designing, Mozilla Firefox may be your best choice because of its web developer tool bar.

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