Sentence Examples

  • It discharges its waters, by means of the Thioux canal, into the Fier, a tributary of the Rhone.
  • Fier das Verstcindniss der Gegenwart, 1859).
  • From Bellegarde) the Usses (left) joins the Rhone, while just below that village the Fier (left) flows in from the Lake of Annecy.
  • Below the junction of the Fier the hills sink on either side, the channel of the river widens, and one may say that it leaves the mountains for the plains.
  • Consult also the official Annual Reports on Alkali, &c., and, from 1864 onwards, Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Fischers Jahresberichte der chemischen Technologie, and Zeitschrift fier angewandte Chemie.